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Four Major Shifts Affecting Today’s Retirement Planning

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You can evolve — or dissolve.

The financial services industry is facing the most significant shift in the American population … ever.

The methods you have relied upon previously, have helped you become successful and helped your clients accumulate wealth for retirement, but they will no longer work going forward.

Adapting to and servicing this new demographic requires changes not only in business structure, marketing and communication, but also a shift in mentality. If you do not have a strategy in place to evolve your practice with this demographic shift, you will lose clients and sales.

You need a better retirement income strategy to evolve your practice. I can help coach you to become a High Performing Practice. 

Your current retirement income strategy is costing you:



You’re working longer hours every day, but finding it harder to get the return you want and grow your business to the success you desire.



You may experience a loss of assets under management and devaluation of your business as your book shifts to a decumulation phase.



If you are not prepared for the shifting needs of aging clientele, you may lose clients, future business and risk not being seen as relevant.

“I shifted my mindset and realized there was a better way to plan. By focusing on six key areas of retirement income, I increased my team’s sales by 300% in 6 years.”

– Mike McGlothlin


The Six Accelerants to a High Performing Practice

Accelerant #1


Major shifts are occurring in America that will affect retirement income planning for several decades. Learn how to remain relevant, service your clients and thrive during this changing time.

Accelerant #2

Delivering Value

Incorporating guaranteed income into a portfolio increases your client’s retirement success rate. Discover strategies to optimize your client’s retirement income paycheck.          

Accelerant #3


Clients regret making some purchases but more often they regret not making some decisions on their retirement. Learn how the “What if…” philosophy can create urgency to change your business forever.

Accelerant #4

Protect Longevity

Running out of money is catastrophic. Running out of money with guaranteed income, however, is not. Learn how creating a guaranteed income solution can offset longevity fears during retirement.

Accelerant #5

Planning for LTC

As the population ages, there will be increased need for long-term care facilities and providers, ultimately increasing the cost to older Americans. Uncover options for this important client conversation.

Accelerant #6

Housing Wealth

Many times, our client’s homes are their greatest assets and they have spent years building up their value. See how to optimize this untapped source of wealth and security to unlock new planning opportunities.

What Your Peers Are Saying

I have always believed in surrounding myself with people and organizations that are incredibly smart and creative with a dash of sense of humor. Mike and his team fills that cup to the brim. Many thanks from my team to yours.

Walter Pardo
Certified Wealth Strategist

“Mike McGlothlin and the High Performance Practice program have been very helpful to our practice. The resources they offer focus in areas we have needed to address or clarify within our practice, and their input and insight on a number of topics has been extremely helpful.”
Neal Clemens
Financial Advisor

Build Your High Performing Practice


Attract Quality Clients

Reach the prospects you want! Learn strategies to get you in front of the right client with customized techniques for your audience.


Accelerate Your Growth

Grow your business through proven solutions. Learn new strategies and product applications to solve for guaranteed income needs.


Remain Relevant

Stay ahead of the curve with new ways to promote your business. Keep clients engaged through all life’s stages by bringing real value.

Evolve your practice now

We all want to be the most innovative financial planner for our clients. However, as our clients age, they need so much more from us. We can no longer do the same thing the same way. We have to change.

Change is hard. But, we owe it to our clients and prospective clients to evolve our financial services practice to meet their changing needs.

If you are successful in evolving your practice, you will earn more revenue, create more opportunity for your firm and have time to enjoy your success.

Schedule a free call to review your business model to help identify your obstacles and offer retirement income strategies to evolve your practice and accelerate your growth.

We are here to help.

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Meet Mike McGlothlin

Speaker | Author | Transformational Leader

Mike is a bestselling author, industry-renowned speaker and expert in growth strategies for financial advisors. He incorporates simple methodologies and proven models to help create exponential revenue growth, find new clients and streamline operations. Mike served as President of The Society of Financial Service Professionals in 2020-2021, leading 6,300 financial professionals and remains active in several other professional associations.