Avoid the Summer Slowdown (and take 2 big risks out of your clients’ retirement plans)

As the weather gets nicer, it’s easier to want to get out and do things — it can especially increase your motivation to connect with your clients. Unfortunately, they are probably out doing things as well, and preparing for retirement is probably not the first thing on their minds.

No matter what level of success you’ve achieved, it’s common to find it hard to talk with your clients during the summer months. So, let’s make this summer dramatically different. It starts with different processes and different ideas. And your existing book of business is a great place to start. You can help your current clients protect against two big risks.

1. Don’t let long-term care derail an otherwise sound retirement plan

There are more than $471 billion of fixed annuity assets that are available to be upgraded and moved. One of the best things that you can do for your clients is to shift some of the long-term care costs off their plate. And, when you do that, you can take them from tax-deferred to tax-free by using a PPA-approved annuity.  By taking advantage of the Pension Protection Act, you can take those annuity assets and turn them into a tax-free income when your clients need it the most.

It’s a great opportunity for you because only 11% of Americans have actually planned for the possibility of a long-term care event.

2. How Social Security shortfalls might impact your clients

Speaking of risk, now is also the time to talk with your clients about Social Security. We’re anxiously awaiting the Board of Trustees solvency report, and it’s been estimated that shortfalls may have been moved up anywhere between five and eight years. Fortunately, it’s another risk that can be mitigated by retirement planning. Specifically, we’re excited to offer the PlanGap annuity, created specifically to pay more benefits in the event of Social Security deficiencies. It’s a new resource that hasn’t been available up to this point, available exclusively through Ash.

Let’s take a minute to touch base on assets held away — not only can you help your client, but they also offer a huge opportunity to grow your business. There are $27 trillion sitting in bank CDs, money market accounts and checking accounts, earning very low interest rates.  You owe it to them to make those assets work harder for them. Use them to plan for long-term care costs and Social Security downfalls. These are just two ways to stir up client activity, which I know will lead to sales.

So, call our retirement income consultants at (800) 589-3000 for more information. They will be more than happy to help you implement these two different ideas and avoid the summer slowdown.

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