Build Income WITHOUT Sacrificing AUM

No, it’s not too good to be true. With our innovative
approach, it really is possible to maximize income creation without sacrificing
assets under management.

We’ve talked a lot about the necessary shift from asset accumulation to income planning. But it’s a concept that some advisors are hesitant about, especially if you’re worried that making the shift will cost you when it comes to assets under management. But what if you found a strategy that focuses on income planning while helping increase your assets under management? There is such a strategy, and we can show you how to get started. But first, let’s talk about why it matters.

Today’s economic situation is full of low interest rates. Those rates, however, are starting to creep up and have a negative impact on our total return.  Worst yet, we are experiencing higher risk in bond portfolios.  In 2007, that risk was just over 4%. Today, it’s about 6.05%. This increase further complicates our decisions about how to generate yield and income inside of the portfolio. And there’s the risk that your client’s assets could drop to zero before their end of retirement.

The reality is that today’s environment makes the 4% rule that we used to use obsolete. It’s no longer a good benchmark. And that means that income planning going forward must change.

In addition to your clients running out of assets, planning the way you always have puts your reputation and potential referrals at risk. And, more importantly, your assets under management will slowly erode. It’s time to look at a better, more innovative way, to plan for income.

It’s called Income Alpha, and it allows you to reposition some of your assets under management while growing your lifetime client value. Using this approach, we’ve seen annuity sales increased by 62%–and many of those assets came from assets held away. But, more importantly, we’ve seen increases in client income of anywhere between 23-36%. That level of growth is significant for your business, but also for your client’s income.

Take 10 minutes to understand our innovative Income Alpha solution. Your clients will win, and so do you.  

Transformational Tactic

If you’re ready to help your clients reach their income goals, without lowering your assets under management, we have an innovation solution. Find out more about Income Alpha.

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