What Does it Mean When Your Clients Go Quiet

It’s a weird time.

With all the recent market volatility and social distancing, it’s hard to know how to reassure your clients. And every client is different. You’re probably hearing from your more vocal clients. And they are most likely demanding your attention first. The squeaky wheel … you know the rest.

But what about those wheels that aren’t squeaking? You also
have clients with concerns that aren’t reaching out. At least, they aren’t
reaching out to you.

Be careful of the quiet people. Have you ever heard
that phrase? In today’s climate, that’s good advice. With market volatility, it’s
easy to focus in on the people who are calling us to calm them down. We take
the necessary time to talk them through the market’s ups and downs and focus in
on the long-term. And that’s an important part of our job. But we
also need to talk with the people who are not calling us. Often, these clients
are introverts.

Introverts tend to rely on their own research. And because
they’ve taken the time to research, they tend to be more confident. But, even
though they’ve done the research, they will seek out other people’s opinions to
shape their own. That’s significant for us as financial planners. They may very
well be seeking out other financial professionals for ideas during these rocky

So regardless of your client base, whether they’re calling
you or not, you need to systematically reach out to all your clients.

The ones who are calling you, and, most importantly, the
ones who are not.

Transformational Tactic

Develop a consistent, scalable message. And use it to reach out to all your clients. Especially those who may be calling somebody else.

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