Creating Content That Connects

Everyone wants to stand out.

To stand out, you need to carefully consider what you want
to say.

We’ve discussed strategies to take advantage of free
marketing, and how important it is to get your brand amplified through radio
and newspaper articles. But even more important is carefully considering the
value your content is delivering to your audience. If your message is the same
as everyone else’s, how can you stand out?

It is challenging to come up with content regularly — and
especially high-quality content. It takes time, effort and energy to commit to
consistently writing a blog or creating something unique enough to catch the
attention of a television station or a newspaper.

It can be tempting to subscribe to an online newsletter for
content — it’s reliable and simple. It’s also the same content that every other
financial advisor is using. You don’t want to be just another of the endless
financial planners who appear in a Google search. 

If you want to commit to creating high-performing content,
it’s a tall order. The key is to start somewhere. Here are two strategies to
help you get there.

  1. What does
    my target market want to hear?

    Here’s your challenge: Don’t think about investments or insurance. Instead, think
    about what your target market really wants to hear. And why do they want to
    hear it from you? What unique perspective do you bring?

    Is it something focused around retirement? Great. That’s clearly going to help
    your business.

    But maybe your local community is going through a recession. In that case,
    maybe you talk instead about controlling debt. Or how to sell a home at a
    higher price. If your target market is business owners, maybe your message is
    concentrated on corporate America.

    The point is to think about what your audience wants to hear, not just about
    what you want to tell them. Your sweet spot for content will come when you
    connect your passion with subjects your audience wants to hear about.

  2. Is the
    content worthy?

Today, especially in a prospecting call to
action, you need to make sure that that content is worthy enough to give up the
new currency of digital marketing – personal data.

In other words, is your content worth
exchanging their email for? Are they willing to give up contact information to
secure the information you are offering? If not, you lose access to your
market. You have no way to contact them, add them to a nurturing campaign, or
let them know about changes to your website.

It’s critical to hit your target market with
meaningful, value-added information, even if it’s not necessarily about
financial planning. Whether or not you ask for an email address to read your
content, ask yourself before you start: Is this meaningful enough that my
audience would share their email address?

Hitting both of those every time should bring greater success with your content.

I heard a great line at a conference last summer: Content does not need to be cringe-worthy, but it has to be binge-worthy.

For example, if your target market is younger, think of what they are exposed to every day. Topics like:

  • Five steps to becoming a millionaire by age 30
  • Five ways to illuminate student loan debt
  • Five ways to purchase a new home

These types of stories are meaningful. Even though they may not apply to your practice, they add value and draw attention. Meet your audience where they are.

Transformational Tactic

Don’t just create content as a touchpoint. Keep your target market in mind and develop meaningful content that improves your relationship with your audience.