Don’t Get Left Behind

Blockbuster. Kodak. Circuit City. What do they have in common? In addition to being companies that the next generation will only know about as a history lesson, they are also companies that got left behind. And it’s because they didn’t innovate.

Think about it. Blockbuster was replaced by Netflix and Redbox — both companies that embraced new technology and offered innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs. Kodak stuck with film when clients were ready to go digital. And Circuit City, a technology company, chose out-of-the-way locations, didn’t embrace the gaming boom, and missed out on in-store promotions. In other words, they just didn’t have effective leadership. Each of these companies was an expert in their industry. Yet none of them kept up with innovation.

Your challenge, then, is to avoid becoming an obsolete brand in the financial services industry.

We are experiencing a huge shift from the workforce to retirement. Your clients need you now more than ever. And they won’t stick with you if you aren’t keeping up with new solutions. They need different services now than they did during their working years. It’s time to think about income and not just focus on the rate of return. Look at new ways to create income more efficiently.

In only 15 minutes you can take the Income Alpha challenge.

You’ll provide your clients with a higher probability of success, more income and a larger legacy. And you’ll experience more growth in your business. It’s time to innovate. To think ahead and get in front of the competition. An Income Alpha strategy is an excellent way to do that. Ready to get started? Just reach out to our Annuity team to get started at 800-589-3000. And, to learn more about what Income Alpha is, check out our case study. Starting the Income Alpha challenge is your next step to turning your business into a High Performing Practice.

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