Key Element of Growth: Asking Why

As we move to a new year, it’s important to think about how
our business has changed. Consider your business. Think about the successes,
and the areas that need improvement. But more than that, think about why
you succeeded in some areas but not in others.

A lot of people want to grow their business. And if you’re
interested in transforming your business to a High Performing Practice, you’re
one of them. You no doubt have countless consultants and vendors lined up and ready
to take your money to help you grow. These are people who claim to have new
ideas, technology and data to help accelerate your revenue, make you more
profitable and gain more clients.

But the answer to growth is not how. It’s why, and beyond.

Why is a powerful question, and one that we should be asking
ourselves this time of year. As we review our successes and learning from 2019,
we also need to be asking why they occurred. Too often we focus on what made us
money or how we grew the business, but we fail to ask why we were able to
achieve that growth.

Asking why can help us focus on the key elements of growth in 2020.

The other 50% comes from using that what you know, and what you’ve tracked to understand why — and then to understand your clients and your business. Think about a particularly successful post on your website — one that drove more traffic than the others. And now think about why. What was the subject? Which clients were looking? How did the viewers get to the post? Analyzing these aspects can help you understand why that content was successful and know more about what appeals to your audience. And how to offer them what they need to build a stronger relationship.

Unfortunately, even if we make it this far, and understand the need to ask why, this is about as far as we go.  To find the why, though, requires more effort. If we are truly interested in growing our business and remaining relevant we need to identify the empowering questions that lead to thought, plans, execution and those specific actions that move us toward our own why – the why that will help us meet our goals.  And that’s the challenge. Looking inward and soul searching is painful and emotional (especially for a numbers guy like me). But it’s not impossible.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about gaining more exposure through marketing. How it’s difficult to commit the time, energy and effort needed to do all the right things. And how important it is to create content that adds value for your clients.

Here are a few
examples of empowering questions that can help identify your why:

  • How
    can my revenues grow by 15%?
  • What
    will I need to do to increase my profits by 20% over the next 12 months?
  • Who
    needs my expertise the most?
  • What
    do my clients need me to do to make the experience exceptional?
  • Where
    do I invest my dollars to create more revenue without expending cash flow too

To grow, you don’t need a new database, email subscription service or a website that doesn’t attract quality prospects. Really, all you need is you … just you. You have everything you need to reach the level of success you have imagined for yourself. And that success all circles around you. You just need to find your why to unleash it.

Transformational Tactic

Don’t be afraid to ask empowering questions that move you toward your why.