Finding the Silver Lining

We’ve all heard how hard 2020 has been. Actually, we’ve all lived it. So, we know it was a hard year. I’ve also heard advisors say that 2020 took a lot away from their business. And I disagree with that. Instead, I would say that 2020 changed things. We traded one way of doing business for another. And we learned a lot in the process.

Personally, I’ve seen the value of perseverance. It’s important to keep dancing even as the landscape changes. And I know many of you feel the same, based on your production. Thank you to everyone who placed a case. Because of your efforts, we will actually grow our business this year. And, of course, that means a lot to me, personally, but more than that it means that you are continuing to help your clients and their families.

I think the catchphrase for 2020 might just be “it’s going to look different this year.” And certainly, it applies to the way we help our clients. We’re communicating through a virtual environment now. We’re taking applications digitally. But the upside is that, in our clients’ eyes, we’ve increased our value as we’ve guided them through this new process.

More than ever, our clients are relying on us to advise them about their retirement income planning.

And as we changed the way we did that, we were forced to look at our business and adapt. Not to add to the abundance of clichés, but you really do have to step out of your comfort zone to grow. And 2020 left us no choice but to leave our comfort zones behind. So, let’s grow.

First, we need to evaluate our content and determine how to make it more meaningful to our clients. Last year, we spent more time developing relevant content than ever before. We shared new income planning strategies and how they generate more income with last assets. We helped with how to have a discussion with your clients about making decisions for retirement because those decisions have an exponential effect on the outcome. And, most important, we’re continuing to make content that is easily digestible. Access it when you want it, knowing you can always save it to reference again and again.

That’s our commitment to you in 2021. To partner with you as you help your clients achieve the retirement they’ve worked for. I hope that you continue watching our High Performing Practice videos. If you do, l guarantee that we’ll be able to help you grow your business. You will attract quality clients, but most importantly, you will remain relevant in the greatest shift from the workforce to retirement that we’ve ever seen in the United States.

Transformational Tactic

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