Staying Focused on the End Goal

Whatever the case, with everything going on, it’s hard to stay focused on your path of success. But instead of getting caught up with distractions, it’s important to stay focused on what you CAN control. And one of the main things you have control of is your attention.

Louder Doesn’t Equal Smarter
I was reading recent posts from Seth Godin, and he made a great analogy about today’s news and the pandemic. Financially speaking, the topic of the day is market volatility. It’s being talked about so often it’s almost as if we handed the news stations a megaphone. But, as Seth Godin points out, just because a megaphone makes a lot of people louder, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re smarter.

The true definition of success is keeping the long-term in view and concentrating on doing the little things today that are necessary to reach your long-term goals. All that shouting from the megaphone? Consider if it’s important or if it’s just a distraction.

Finding the Silver Lining
Although our situation in no way compares to the horrors of World War II, I want to share a story that spoke to me—and one that can remind us all to find the silver lining in even the most trying situations. I recently read the novel The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom, in which the author shares her experiences as a prisoner in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany. Among other hardships, Corrie and the others in her barracks contracted fleas. It took a while to realize it, but those fleas actually protected the prisoners from the guards’ brutality and might even have saved their lives. If they had fleas, the guards avoided them. Corey survived the concentration camp.

In the face of Corrie’s struggles, the fleas seemed at first like the least of her worries. It was only later that she realized they were a positive. They were her silver lining.

When you consider all the distractions we are dealing with, think about what we can turn into a positive. Can we use the noise from the market volatility megaphone as an opportunity to reassure our clients? Can we leverage it as an opportunity to encourage them to focus on the long-term as well? Find your silver lining, and use it to reach your goals.

If you have aspects of your business plan that need attention, we’re here to help. We can take a look at strategies to build your business and make sure that you — and your clients — receive the attention you deserve.

Transformational Tactic

You don’t need a megaphone to focus your clients’ attention. You just need to keep the end goal in view.

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