Generate Higher Income with Fewer Assets

Let’s say you walk into a grocery store to buy a bar of soap. While you’re there, you happen to see your favorite brand of soap on sale for 40% off. Instead of buying just one bar, you buy several. After all, you’re eventually going to need the soap, and you’re probably not going to get a better deal.

The same logic applies every time there’s a market correction. Unfortunately, though, we don’t always think about it the same way. But we should. We need to tell our clients about the correction and use the soap analogy to get them thinking about buying now to capture additional assets for the future.

When planning for retirement income, we have the opportunity to buy additional income — at a discount, of course — and create additional liquidity inside of the portfolio. And the strategy we use to do this is called Income Alpha.

We’re finding with our Income Alpha approach that we can generate a higher level of income for a longer time. Income Alpha also increases stability, with anywhere between 15-25% fewer assets.

So, the next time you find your favorite bar soap for sale, and you buy a few extra bars, think about how to apply this logic to your clients. And then, reach out to our retirement income consultants at (800) 589-3000 to learn more about Income Alpha. It’s your chance to buy retirement income on sale.

Transformational Tactic

With the Income Alpha strategy, you can effectively put income on sale for your clients. Generate higher income—for a longer period—using fewer assets.

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