Generate More Income with Fewer Assets

It’s a new year with new challenges and new opportunities.
But even as we set resolutions and think about how we want to change, as
financial advisors, the need to maintain balance stays the same. The question remains:
How do you find the right mix of advisory and commission-based products in
relation to what is best for the client?

Before I answer that, let’s look at what we’re dealing with
— specifically, dramatic shifts in our country that continue to affect retirement
income planning. You’re probably aware of these shifts, but it’s worth
identifying them.

  1. We are saving less
    money for retirement and at a much lower savings rate
    than most of the last
    quarter century.
  2. Our life expectancies at age 60 continue to
    increase. (Female
    ; male
  3. The United States continues to see a shift
    to defined contribution plans and away from defined benefit plans

Together, these shifts paint, if not a bleak picture,
certainly a more challenging one.

Advisors will have to create more income, for longer periods of time, with fewer assets, than ever before.

What it really means is that you, like other advisors, are left trying to figure out how to drive value in your business by increasing recurring revenue. And, at the same time, you’re responsible for addressing your clients’ retirement outcome with non-advisory products. Piece of cake, right?

Fortunately, the answer can be found in a single strategy. And it’s one I’ve talked about before.

Our industry needs to behave, act and think differently than ever before if we’re going to help Americans secure their financial future. It’s time to execute on Income Alpha strategies that both increase the outcomes for many Americans while creating a long-term increase in revenues and assets under management.

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How it works

It can be summarized in three simple steps. The strategy

  1. A percentage of income dedicated from guaranteed
    income sources
  2. The proper asset allocation of the largest
    segment of assets under management
  3. Creation of an equity bucket for long term
    legacy goals

The benefits can also be easily pinpointed. The strategy
results in:

  • Using 15% fewer assets
    than a typical systematic withdrawal strategy
  • Providing over $600,000 more value to the client’s
  • Driving the revenue for the advisor up 26%
    during the client engagement.

Start 2020 off with a win-win-win strategy and get that much closer to transforming your business. Find out more.

Transformational Tactic

Deploy strategies that let you generate more income, with fewer assets, while maintaining the value of your business.

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