How to Get Better, Better, Better (and why it matters)

It’s easy to be your own worst enemy. And by that, I mean to get in the way of your own progress and success. It’s human nature to put the tough task on hold. To ignore difficult conversations. And to just keep the comfortable status quo.

It’s not so easy to take on new things and change the way we do business. But you’re here, reading this blog, to learn. It’s one thing to know that change is necessary and it’s another thing entirely to make it happen.

We’re all working to get better. Instead of thinking of moving from good, to better and then best. It’s time to think better, better and better. Every day, do something to get better. It requires short-term focus to improve each day.

A good place to start is by maximizing your resources. And the first resource to look at is your in-force book of business. Compare the usefulness of the products your clients currently have with the new and innovative products available today. Our annuity audit team is a great way to do this.  Using third-party information, you can make an accurate comparison about how your client’s current product still works, or if there’s something better that would improve the probability of success.

The annual review is a good time to call in the annuity audit team. It’s not time-sensitive, and it lets us do the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to be the expert — you only need to be open to looking at all the options. Which means making more efficient use of another resource — your time.

So, if you’re ready or even just interested, call our Annuity Audit team to find out more about how today’s products can provide new solutions. In addition to helping your clients, you’ll be growing your business and improving your efficiency. It’s changing to better — but it might just feel like best.

Transformational Tactic

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