How to Stay the (Financial) Course

Creating a legacy is something to start now. After all, you can’t get to the finish line if you don’t choose a path and stick to it. In this way, creating a legacy is a lot like running a race.

As many of you know, I’m kind of an amateur runner. I try to hit local events, including running some five and 10Ks to work on speed and prepare for a full marathon later in November. This past weekend, I was running a 10K in Ohio. In fact, I was running my best 10K ever and was on pace to shave a full minute off my time. I was really running well, and temperatures were manageable. The humidity was good and there was cloud cover. In short, it was a perfect scenario.

Unfortunately, on the second loop, I began to realize that some of the houses were unfamiliar. And then I didn’t remember seeing a water station on the first loop. As I was heading home, I realized that I had missed a turn and I just followed the person in front of me that was half a block ahead. Problem was, they were running a different race.

Financial planning can teach a similar lesson. When creating a legacy for your client, you must follow a plan. The ame goes for your business. You cannot follow somebody else — you must develop a plan and follow it. For my race in Ohio, I had developed a plan and I was executing it well. But, without meaning to, I failed to follow it and I got hooked into following somebody else. It not only cost me the race, but it also cost me a disqualification.

So, think about how your overall planning process fits into your clients’ estate goals. And, if you have questions about how fixed indexed annuities can help that process, reach out to our retirement income consultants at (800) 589-3000. By staying the course, you can create a legacy for your clients.

Transformational Tactic

Without a solid plan, your clients — and your business — might fall short of their goals. Choose your path and stay the course.

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