Lessons from Presidential Hopefuls

Jeb Bush. Mitt Romney. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Although they are very different individuals, they do have a few things in common, the most obvious being that they all lost the race to be president, either in the primary or general election. And, in each case, the loss can be pinpointed as a disconnect in their messaging.

Jeb Bush lacked a clearly defined message. In each debate, he changed his message. He wasn’t clear. On the other hand, Mitt Romney had a very clearly defined, and significant, message. He was worried about the size of the national debt and the rate at which it continues to grow. Unfortunately for Mitt, his message didn’t resonate with the American people, no matter how well defined it was.

And finally, Hillary Rodham Clinton. She started out with a great message for most of the general campaign. And then right at the finish line, she changed it to “I’m with her.” She made it about herself, not the people. And she lost the campaign.

Now let’s look at some candidates who actually won the race to the White House. Barack Obama campaigned with a message of a change we can believe in. His message was clear and consistent. Bill Clinton talked about putting people first, and, in doing so, created a message we can all believe in and hope for.

And there’s one more thing to consider — their net worth. When Jeb Bush ran, his family was worth $24M. Hillary Rodham Clinton, alone, was worth $40M.  Mitt Romney’s family dynasty trust was valued at $240M. And Barack Obama’s net worth at the time of his inauguration was $15M; Bill Clinton’s was negative $500,000.

The moral? You can’t buy your way out of marketing. You have to be someone people want to hear from. There’s not a website pretty enough or a list long enough to replace the value of organic growth.  You need to build relationships and you need to have the right message. It needs to be clear. After all, if you confuse you lose. We can help clarify your message.

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