Maximize Your Clients’ Retirement Income

We’ve been talking the last several weeks about tax-deferred vehicles like annuities including protected income. You’ve also learned how to turn tax-deferred into tax-free when it comes to planning for long-term care. Today, I’m going to bring it all together.

It can seem like you’re being pulled in two different directions. On the one hand, you want to drive value in your business. On the other hand, you don’t want to conflict with your clients — you also want to provide value to them. What you need is a solution that enables you to do both in a safe scenario.

The approach is Income Alpha. It’s been the topic of this blog in the past, and it’s such a powerful tool that it’s worth bringing up again today.

Currently, there are many Americans out of work, creating a great opportunity to talk about how to get the maximum amount of income in retirement for our clients. How do we increase our probability of success? Income Alpha works by using only a little bit of protected income, allowing you to maximize your assets under management.

In many case scenarios, we were able to use the Alpha Income strategy to increase the client value in terms of income during retirement by as much as 21%. But at the same time, we increase that client’s lifetime value to you with assets under management. The power of the proper placement of protected income and the best use of tax-deferred vehicles work together to align your goals of adding value to both your business and your clients.

I encourage you to reach out to our retirement income consultants at (800) 589-3000 to learn more about how Income Alpha can speed up retirement, provide more income and, most importantly, offer your clients a higher probability of success.

Transformational Tactic

Finding a strategy that works for you and your clients is possible with Income Alpha. Find out more about how it can transform your business.

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