New Life for Annuities

June is National Annuity Awareness Month, so let’s raise awareness! Today, I want to share different strategies for helping your clients benefits from adding annuities to their financial plan. And it starts with education. I’ll give you three reasons to educate your clients on the importance of annuities.

  1. 78% of Americans with annuities believe that they will have protected income that will last, versus only 41% that do not have protected income through annuities. In light of possible reductions to Social Security, it’s more important than ever to look to additional sources for guaranteed income.
  2. There’s been a 44% increase in the number of Americans that are living to age 100 just since the turn of the century. Over the last 20 years, and over the next 40 years, it’s anticipated that the number of Americans living to age 100 will grow by six times, creating significant pressure on our assets under management.
  3. The number of Americans turning age 65 will increase in the next couple of years to 12,000 people per day. As workers become retirees, you need to help your clients plan for income, rather than just accumulation.

These changes will put significant stress on our economic systems, making competent financial advisors even more valuable. We need to be able to get our clients in a position of having protected income. No matter how you look at it, failure of a portfolio and hitting zero is catastrophic. Guaranteed income, however, takes away some of the burden.

Our retirement income consultants are ready to help you understand these changes and put guaranteed income in place. Call them at (800) 589-3000 to learn more about how annuities can increase the probability of success in your client’s portfolios.

Transformational Tactic

Increase your clients’ guaranteed income, and their probability of success, by adding annuities to their portfolios.