One Simple Tool to Grow Your Business

There is a more efficient way to prospect, and it doesn’t always include cold calls or finding new clients. It can be as simple as mining your current book of business to find opportunities for change.

About one out of every five Americans hold a CD, and about 30 million Americans have more than one. And the 90th percentile of income earners—or the goal we want to hit—has an average CD balance of $229,000. Many, many more Americans have money in a money market account, earning a very low-interest rate. There’s a chance that some of these CDs and money market accounts belong to your clients. And that creates an opportunity for you.

Some of our best success stories from our advisors come from their own client base. With our proprietary JourneyGuide software, which only costs about $25 per month, they can conduct reviews and create a full-blown financial plan. They can show several different scenarios, allowing them to account for proposed tax changes and market fluctuation. When it comes to reviewing how you turn those assets into income, Journey Guide illustrates that better than any other tool. But the real advantage is that when you start to talk to those clients you find other assets — and other ways to deploy those assets. In fact, some of our best success stories are anywhere between 80-92% of their net assets. That translates to around $15 to $20 million dollars from assets held away from their existing clients.

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Transformational Tactic

To efficiently grow your business, look to your current clients. With our JourneyGuide software, it’s easier than you think to find new opportunities.