Position Yourself to Find the Perfect Prospect

Everyone is looking for the perfect prospect. 

Finding that perfect prospect can be frustrating. Like trying to open a stuck lid on a pickle jar frustrating. Perhaps it’s one of the most frustrating parts of growing your business.

And, once you’ve found your ideal prospects, then comes the pitch. You have to earn their trust and get their business. Have you ever been sitting across the desk from a perfect prospect for your firm, but they choose to go somewhere else?

The problem is in your positioning.

We’ve all sat through a bad sales pitch. It’s almost as painful as our proverbial pickle jar. Some people simply haven’t practiced what to say. Others skip key parts of their value proposition. And then there’s those who just don’t stop talking until you wish you could hit the pause button and walk out.

But that’s not you. You’re good at what you do. Your existing clients love you.

So why is the perfect prospect not signing up?

Part of the problem could be you are not positioning yourself correctly. I’ve seen this single marketing mistake repeatedly in financial services marketing. Unfortunately, we tend to position ourselves as the hero who can save the day and help our clients reach their goals. And that messaging falls flat.

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s important to repeat: success starts with a focus on the prospective client and their problem, not with our solution.

Be the guide, not the hero.

It’s true. We are the hero of our own story. But people do not want a hero. They want a guide. Everyone wants to be in control of their future as much as possible. By offering guidance to help them solve their problem, they keep control while still appreciating your value.

Part of being a guide is to show empathy while demonstrating authority. You’ve helped other people just like them. You can do it for them too.

If you develop a guiding philosophy focused on empathy and authority, you’re going to win a lot more clients.

Don’t take my word for it. This basic truth of marketing is part of the StoryBrand framework, developed by Donald Miller. As a StoryBrand certified guide, I’ve worked with clients from larger firms to mom-and-pop shops and the same thing is true every time: it’s not about you. Think from your client’s perspective.

Write Your Story

Figuring out how to change your positioning can be hard. But we’re here to help. StoryBrand regularly holds group workshops for a fee, but as a member of our High Performing Practice community, we bring it to you for free.

And right now, everything is virtual, so it couldn’t be easier. If you’re interested in how to improve your marketing in the financial services space, we have StoryBrand events scheduled through the summer. Get your name on the list for the next available seat. Text StoryBrand to 72345.

Transformational Tactic

By positioning yourself as a guide, instead of a hero, you are more likely to gain and keep prospects.

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