How to Reach an Audience of Message Scanners

Transforming your business requires a marketing strategy
that works. Over the past few months, I’ve talked about the importance of clear
and concise messaging, the advantages of automating where you can, and how to
earn free marketing reach from news sources.

I believe in the value of marketing. It’s a great way to
open the door and start building a strong, lasting relationship. If you’ve
started implementing some of these suggestions, but haven’t noticed a change
yet, it’s important to examine why.

When I talk to advisors about their marketing and client
acquisition plans for 2020, I hear more discouragement and frustration than
anything else. Do any of these answers sound familiar?

  • My website is not creating enough qualified
    leads for me.
  • Buying lists are too expensive today.
  • I can’t get enough people to my seminars.
  • The response to my mailers remains low.
  • It’s too expensive to engage in digital

Marketing and prospecting have always been a challenge in our industry. For everyone. But instead of letting it discourage you, let’s step back and examine pieces that might make a difference. It’s not necessarily new information, but it is extremely relevant to your plans for 2020.

  1. Simplify and Clarify Your Message

People are distracted. This isn’t the first time you’ve
heard that, and it surely won’t be the last. To be heard above the noise, you
must make your message extremely clear. Most likely, you are catering to
prospects, not to clients. Your message needs to be so simple, so thematic and so
compelling that the prospect wants to engage with your personal brand.

Think about how you use the internet. Today’s audience likes to scan, not read.
Your business has seconds to get a point across – not minutes. As consumers, we
stay on a webpage for fewer and fewer seconds every year, less with every added

Your brand must speak to the emotional transformation that your prospect wants to create in their financial life.

You know what they are looking for. Confidence. Knowledge.
Security. Organization. Peace of mind. You need to be writing the story with your
prospect as the main character — the hero. Too often, we make ourselves the
hero and lose the prospect during the initial interactions.

So, how do you do that? How do you make your client the hero and guide them
to their goals? Most clients are looking for someone to guide them through the
complexities of their financial decisions with a simple and clear path.

Think about avoiding analysis paralysis. If the information is too
much, the person will simply not do anything and save embarrassment, fees and
time. And they won’t find out how bad their situation might be. That’s
extremely frustrating for everyone when a professional (YOU!) can help rectify
the problem.

Clients are seeking advice. Specifically, they want to engage with a
professional in a low-risk manner. One of the best ways to do this is to get a
feel for the advisor before agreeing to meet. Many would prefer to see their
prospective planner in action during a seminar. For them to do this, your
website needs to clearly show them how to register, call or reserve a seat.
They need a simple call to action to focus on, without a lot of other distractions.
We’re scanners, after all. No one’s going to hunt and peck.

Simplifying and clarifying your message can keep prospects on the path, speed up your sales process, and save you thousands of dollars.

2. Understand the Algorithms

Unless you live and breathe data and consider yourself to be
one of the tech-savvy, the mention of algorithms probably takes you outside of
your comfort zone. But stay with me for a minute. You can have the best site in
the world — one that speaks to the heart of the problems your target market —
and still not get results. Why? The rules of the internet search game change

In October 2019, Google changed its algorithm for searches.
Their BERT
is an expansion of their 2011 PANDA algorithm that scores clarity
and quality higher than quantity.

This matters because it’s now more important than ever to be
crystal clear. Understanding how searches value a site is critical to
marketing. 93% of online relationships begin with an online search and Google
controls 65%-70% of the searches.

Chances are, your site is not getting the exposure it deserves in a world of noise.

You must understand the rules of the game to succeed. It
means staying on top of changes and making sure you have the right messaging to
drive prospects to your site. Although it requires some hard work and
diligence, it could be exactly what you need to distinguish yourself and
attract clients.

Transformational Tactic

Take time to create a simple, clear brand message that resonates with your target audience and maximizes current algorithm searches.

Recognize the opportunity to transform your business by taking our free course.