Accelerate your retirement planning aptitude.

The Six Accelerants of a High Performing Practice will help shift your service mindset and evolve your retirement income strategies.

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Retirement income planning is changing before our eyes

Over the next five years, 18 million Americans will leave the workplace and join the ranks of the retired. Unfortunately, today’s average retirement account balance is not enough to fund the type of retirement many of us are hoping for.

Nearly $600 billion worth of pension assets is currently frozen in the U.S. pension system. Social Security may go bankrupt. Markets will continue to be affected by political climate, low interest rates, taxes and fluctuation. The endgame has changed. Have your planning techniques kept up?

Instead of worrying about how to get started, take the first step today and watch any of our Six Accelerants to a High Performing Practice. The most important resource isn’t a tool, it’s a strategy. We’ll help you get there.

You’re expected to generate more income, for a longer period of time, with less assets, than ever before.

You’ll Learn How To

Attract New Prospects

Accelerate Your Growth

Remain Relevant

All while simultaneously increasing your sales figures and creating income for your clients.

What Others Are Saying

“Mike McGlothlin and the High Performance Practice program have been very helpful to our practice. The resources they offer focus in areas we have needed to address or clarify within our practice, and their input and insight on a number of topics has been extremely helpful.”

Neal Clemens
Financial Advisor


Watch The Six Accelerants

The Six Accelerants of a High Performing Practice will help shift your mindset and evolve your retirement income strategies. You can access any of the free videos with a single registration, or click on a thumbnail for more information.