Client demographics have changed.
You need to shift your retirement strategies to remain relevant.

This 17-minute training will help you identify the multidimensional problem with planning for retirement in today’s market — and leave you with opportunities to change client behaviors and manage your client’s risk.

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Most Americans have not saved enough money for retirement.

Are your clients eroding assets they have worked a lifetime to accumulate? When your clients hit zero and run out of money, they don’t have another source to come in and supply income.

We can help you prevent that from happening. You can continue to plan the same way we have for the last two decades. Or, you can look at the trajectory of savings rates, debt, longevity and government programs to manage future risk.

There’s one key part of the equation that many financial advisors and clients are missing. Watch this video to see how you can change client behaviors and manage your client’s risk.

Retirement is the most difficult and complex financial issue — and clients are asking you to solve it for them.

You’ll Learn Tactics For

Addressing the Lack of Retirement Savings

Halting the Continued Misuse of Social Security​

Overcoming the Loss of Defined Benefit Plans​

Planning for the Longevity Factor

All while focusing on the key formula to success in retirement planning and evolving your business strategy. 

What Others Are Saying

“Mike McGlothlin and the High Performance Practice program have been very helpful to our practice. The resources they offer focus in areas we have needed to address or clarify within our practice, and their input and insight on a number of topics has been extremely helpful.”

Neal Clemens
Financial Advisor


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