Turning Prospects into Clients

It’s all about constant communication. Your prospects need to hear from you, often, to understand your value and trust you with their future. A constant, consistent message is essential. But it’s also a tall order. After all, you’re a financial advisor, not a full-time marketer.

Most of us don’t have access to the bevy of content we need to do something consistently. We lack the expertise and the technology to create a nurturing drip campaign. And we lack internal resources to help us execute on a marketing strategy.  All of this, in addition to potential compliance bottlenecks, makes constant communication become aggravating and time-consuming.

In fact, 54% of growth-focused advisors share educational content on a regular basis. However, only 12% of those advisors are satisfied with their marketing return on investment.

But before you throw in the towel, I want to share a solution for creating engagement, organic lead generation and efficiency. In a word, automation.

We have access to a library of industry-related content from trusted publishers. This library can be used to create newsletters, individual emails or social media. It will allow you to post articles, brand content for each advisor and automate communication for a turnkey drip campaign. Leads are created when content is shared, allowing you to stay close to clients. You’ll also win back more time with quality content created for you.

Our library includes:

  • Digital magazine — monthly lifestyle magazine featuring articles on travel, art, food and design
  • Branded social media posts — thousands of blog posts to share, plus an automated bi-weekly email newsletter
  • Full calendar of local events — fully automated, bi-weekly email newsletters featuring virtual and in-person events.

The industry posts and newsletter will allow you to educate easily, which is another important piece of your online presence. The library covers 17 topics through PowerPoint slide decks, invitations and client workbooks, and they all come with FINRA nonobjection letters. They’re all fully scripted, and they can be used for in-person meetings, virtual webinar workshops, focused client meetings and even pre-recorded videos.

Reach out to our team of retirement income consultants at (800) 589-3000 to talk about how they’ve been able to use these educational pieces to help drive people to your organization. We look forward to helping grow your business in 2021 and beyond to become a High Performing Practice.

Transformational Tactic

Talk to our team about our ready-to-go content library, here to help you create an automated online presence. You’ll stay close to current clients and convert prospects at the same time.

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