Why a Mind Shift is Key to Changing Your Behavior

Changing your behavior is much more possible when you change your mind.

Are you ready to do more in your career? I’ve you’ve wondered what you can do differently to grow your business and help your clients secure a better retirement, it starts with a willingness to change. It’s one thing to want to do more, and another thing entirely to make the changes necessary to make a change that sticks. It starts with changing your mindset.

Any big change, either personal or professional, requires determination. In this issue of High Performing Practice, I want to share a major life change I made, and how I was able to change my mind, and therefore my behavior, for an outcome I didn’t think possible.

About 5 years I earned a promotion from a large company. With that promotion came an increase in pay. And, like any good planner, I decided to up my disability income protection. It was through that underwriting process I discovered that I was a diabetic. So, for the last 20 years, I’ve been managing my diabetes with medication with exercise and for the most part, I’ve maintained a manageable a1c number.

But over the last five years, as I’ve gotten older, my metabolism changed. One of my doctors presented an alternative way to treat my diabetes, a new program to try. But to be part of this program, I had to go watch about 22 videos and be interviewed by a couple of medical practitioners. During one of those interviews, they asked me what my goal was. And I talked about how I wanted to get back to having a good lifestyle while controlling my diabetes.

And that’s when they stopped me dead in my tracks. They aren’t interested in controlling my diabetes. They are interested in reversing it. That was the first time that any medical practitioner had even talked to me about reversing diabetes because for the longest time diabetes was thought of as irreversible. But I’m now in the process of reversing my diabetes, not just controlling it.

For me to embark on their rigid program required a complete mind shift.

When it comes to your business, a similar mind shift can deliver unimagined success.
To change my behavior and start reverse in my diabetes versus just controlling required me to change how I think about the condition, and to believe in possibilities I didn’t know existed. The same applies when helping our clients. Until now, when we work in our clients’ best interests, we’ve been focused on building up assets and then spending those assets down and managing that risk through asset allocation.

What we’re finding through research, though, is that that can still have a significant amount of risk because of the sequence of returns. We don’t know how long each client will live. We’re misusing Social Security. And we’ve lost guaranteed income hand-over-fist in the form of corporate pensions.

We need a mind shift when it comes to how we generate retirement income. Income Alpha can facilitate a new way of thinking.  If you’re ready to change your thinking, contact us on your next retirement income case.

Transformational Tactic

Shifting your mindset to a new way of income planning can improve your clients’ outcome while turning your business into a High Performing Practice.

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