Your Go-To Strategy for a Secure Retirement

Spend less. Save more. It’s good advice when planning for retirement, but how many of our clients are actually practicing it? Unfortunately, most Americans aren’t saving enough. We are seeing a huge transition from the workforce to retirement. And if your clients have not saved enough, it can be hard to help secure their retirement.

In addition to saving less, we continue to misuse Social Security and there’s a possibility that we could see as much as a 24% reduction in Social Security in the year 2034 or 2035. We’re also continuing to lose defined benefit plans with guaranteed income options. And we’re living longer, with many Americans hitting age 90, 95 or even 100. With advances in medical technology increasing life expectancy there’s a lot of pressure on our assets under management to help our clients retain their lifestyle. Even more important, most financial plans show clients only living to age 92 or 95 and then zeroing out their assets under management.

But I suggest that there is a more secure way to plan for retirement income.

It starts with a different way of thinking and acting when it comes to retirement and planning – for both you and your clients. Our Income Alpha approach is one way to change that behavior. This strategy uses a variety of different products and services to achieve results with a higher probability of success.

With the Income Alpha strategy, you:

  • Achieve more income
  • Operate in the best interest standard
  • Realize tremendously higher legacy value than with other planning options

An Income Alpha strategy can change the way that you plan for retirement income with your clients. You’ll build assets under management, ensure a secure retirement, and move your business to a High Performing Practice.

Transformational Tactic

Consider adopting an Alpha Income strategy for a secure retirement for your clients and more success for your business.

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