Your Message Matters: Words to Attract New Clients

Communication and staying connected continue to be essential when it comes to strengthening your relationships with your clients. Over the past year, we’ve discovered new ways of doing business and keeping up with client concerns. One thing I’ve discovered is that what we say matters at least as much as how we say it.

It’s important to communicate properly if you want to keep your clients and grow your business. To do this, there are a few key points to focus on.

  1. Focus on your client. And by focus, I mean really concentrate your focus on your client. Too many times I see financial planners talk about themselves, about their credentials, and about their years in the business. There is a proper time for that—after all, you want your client to have confidence in your skills. But always remember that your clients are coming to you to solve a problem, and that needs to be the focus.  How are you going to solve that problem? And what other areas of the client’s journey can you help with?
  2. Practice empathy. Our clients need to be assured that we understand their problem, that we’ve experienced that very same problem and we know exactly how to solve that problem.
  3. Communicate that process. As a CFP, I know that there are more than 100 different things that you look at when working on a financial plan. But when you’re talking with clients, you are not advising. You’re selling and marketing. You need to keep the process very simple, so they can understand in broad terms how they’ll be meeting their goals.

If you concentrate on those things, you will have a clear message. Your clients will understand how you can help them, allowing you to attract more clients, grow your assets and remain relevant in the greatest shift from the workforce to retirement our country has ever seen.

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A clear brand message will strengthen client relationships, attract new clients and allow you to grow your business.

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